About us

We are D-ware, a Swedish software development company, fully focused on develop and bringing the best of breed in the information management area to our partners.

Our target is to always be the preferred partner for deliverance of reputable products that - in close collaboration with other business critical systems - creates an efficient and safety-oriented work process for the need of today.

Our product line D-safe ® comprises our vision as the preferred product in this area. D-safe ® is used by various organizations, including business areas such as Banking, Insurance, Tech consultants, Trade unions and County council.

Our products

D-Safe® Ecosystem

The D-Safe system solution contains a full fledged OAIS-compliant e-archive with components for storing, reading, formatting, displaying, transforming and lifecycle management.

The solution may be extended by customizations that can be developed by re-sellers or customers to gain the full flexibility needed to support specific demands.

The D-Safe system solution is continuously developed, with focus on scalability, high throughput, and security. D-safe is deployed both by small, cost-efficient cloud installations to large scale on-site installations

The D-Safe system solution comprise the storage platform for digital content – everything that needs to be stored and easily accessible. Fast and accurate.

D-Safe® Web

The Web based front for D-Safe – the secure access to files. Search, update, modify, delete and add new data to your archive in the same product. Secure access to the storage platform, through any browser.

Limit the access to sensitive data

Complete and cost effective user interface for Document Management systems (DMS)

D-Safe® API

The integration interface for D-safe ® – a modern rest API for storage and retrieval of information.

Developed for ease of integration and comes with full source code in C# and Swagger documentation for even easier integration. Fully documented interface and can be tested using plugins in your browser. All features in the functional archive are exposed. D-Safe uses the API internally and is thereby always updated, supported and secured Developed with performance and security in mind and has been externally tested by experienced penetration-testers.

D-Safe® Admin

Administrative web-based software for all configuration of D-Safe ®. Using different permissions for role-based administration of system. Configure users, groups, permissions, security, data transformation and much more.

D-Safe Admin provides all functions needed to keep the archive in best shape from small organizations to large companies needing the full range of system configuration

Our partners

We deliver our products through chosen resellers. These partners are usually offering their own solutions and products, where our components are vital parts of a major solution.

Our partner program comprises a well-defined process, were tech training and support are vital parts of the program. Our collaboration and mutual offerings will always be of highest importance for us and we are fully committed to a long and close relationship with our partners.


Olmia is a private Swedish company with many years’ experience in information management and storage. Our clients and on-going assignments comprise different areas and industries e.g. bank & finance, insurance & pension, technology & industrial and public administration.

Olmia offers both on-premises installations of D-safe, as well as a Cloud-based solution with flexible packages for easy and accurate information management.

olmia partner


eCiceron are experts in IT-security, breach-detection and data-protection. Services include alert on intrusion, protection of crucial information ISO 27001, secure communication links with layer 2 encryption and safe data storage. eCiceron provide highly secured installations of D-Safe within company networks, in cloud, on premise or very tailored solutions for high security demands.

Since D-Safe has been througly pen-tested eCiceron uses it as a vault for data and each installation is provided with integrated intrusion-detection.

olmia partner